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  1. I got a great deal with awesome service on some Eva merch from The Couch Potato! The order and tracking details were sent promptly and the items were received in fantastic condition. This place is a gem for anime collectors, do not miss out!


  2. Items are perfect, shipped fast, and got refunded $10 off the shipping because it happened to be cheaper than priced. Very honorable service and wonderful items 🙂

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  3. My purchase came quick. I loved the gift wrapping, it was perfect! Prices are good and I plan to order again.


  4. I love my Tidus pin! The game came out almost 19 years ago and it’s near impossible to find cute pins and collectibles for Final Fantasy X. Thank you for answering my questions on Instagram and for this amazing pin! The shipping was insanely fast too! Shipped out on the 26th and I received it today on the 28th! Thank you so so much! Be safe!


  5. Such fast shipping, and in great condition as well!! Hard item to find anymore, knew it could be on this site, thank you!!


  6. Thank you so much for the awesome selection, great prices and fast shipping! I will definitely be back!


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